2021 Kansas Speech Communication Association Winter Conference

On Monday, January 4th, KSCA we will be hosting our first virtual winter conference.  Below you will find the schedule with three tracks for different options as well as our line-up of presenters.  You have the choice to jump around as you see fit and most sessions will be recorded and shared upon the conclusion of the conference.  Even if you can only attend one or two sessions, please register by clicking on the button below! 

2021 Winter Conference Schedule and Options

Time Blocks






Extemp, IDA, IMPromptu: How to do these virtually

--Jamelle Brown and Jo Ball

Duo, Duet, IDA: To Split or Not to Split

--Aaron Schopper and Chelsey Jeuneman

Tech Needs: Toys for Everyone

--Dr. Megan Hagaman

New Coach

What do I do with my kids in a virtual classroom? A Discussion

--Trey Witt and Rose Lawler

How to host online without Fancy Tech: Google and Zoom are All You Need

--Larissa Maranell and Mike Harris

New Coach Q and A: Don't Quote Us!

--Carolyn Cook and Jeff Plinsky (Non-Recorded)


Asynchronous vs. Synchronous: How to Schedule a Tournament in a Virtual World.

--Justin Cartwright

How to host online with Tabroom.com

--Eric Skoglund

General Session and Q and A with Craig Manteuffel (KSHSAA) and a Presentation on Hall of Fame language to be considered for addition to the KSCA Constitution.